Frazier Halloween Havoc
Frazier Halloween Havoc 10/16/2021 - 10/17/2021 Monmouth/Ocean County, NJ

Registration is currently open for the following divisions:

  • 7U (New 8s)
  • 8U (New 9s)
  • 9U (New 10s) 1-Day
  • 10U 50/70 (New 11s) 1-Day
  • 10U 50/70 (New 11s) 3 Game Min.
  • 11U (New 12s) 1-Day
  • 11U (New 12s) 3 Game Min
  • 12U 60/90 (New 13s) 3 Game Min.
  • 13U (New 14s) 3 Game Min.
  • 14U (New 15s) 3 Game Min.
  • OPEN
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USABL always considers each team's ability to get you the right schedule and break teams into their proper brackets. 

  • From Elite, A, B and C level teams.
  • We base division/bracket placement on your team's rating and team history to get divisions as competitive as possible.
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7U (New 8s)| 1-Day |10/17(Sunday Only)
8U (New 9s)| 1-Day |10/17(Sunday Only)
9U (New 10s)| 1-Day |10/17(Sunday Only)
10U 50/70(New 11s|1-Day|10/17(Sunday Only)
10U 50/70 (New 11s)| 3 Game Min. |10/16?-?10/17
11U (New 12s)| 3 Game Min. |10/16 -?10/17
11U (New 12s)|1 -Day|10/17(Sunday Only)


12U 60/90 (New 13s)| 3 Game Min. |10/16?-?10/17
13U (New 14s)|3 Game Min.|10/16 - 10/17
14U (New 15s)|3 Game Min.|10/16 - 10/17


Monmouth/Ocean County NJ Please note that we use many complexes due to the number of teams entering our tournaments and cannot determine the exact complex until we begin scheduling (~10 days prior to the event). We do our best to keep teams in the same general area of the county noted above for this tournament. This allows us to focus on getting teams the right schedule by ability so as to provide a competitive tournament for teams of all skill levels!

  • 7U (New 8s) OPEN  - $405.00
  • 8U (New 9s) OPEN  - $405.00
  • 9U (New 10s) 1-Day OPEN  - $405.00
  • 10U 50/70 (New 11s) 1-Day OPEN  - $495.00
  • 10U 50/70 (New 11s) 3 Game Min. OPEN  - $725.00
  • 11U (New 12s) 1-Day OPEN  - $495.00
  • 11U (New 12s) 3 Game Min OPEN  - $725.00
  • 12U 60/90 (New 13s) 3 Game Min. OPEN  - $750.00
  • 13U (New 14s) 3 Game Min. OPEN  - $750.00
  • 14U (New 15s) 3 Game Min. OPEN  - $750.00
130 Teams Registered